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Other than mandatory contributions and voluntary contributions, the following persons are eligible to open TVC account in an MPF scheme and make TVC: (a) Holders of contribution accounts or personal accounts of MPF schemes ; or (b) Members of MPF Exempted ORSO Schemes.

MPF trustees will provide contribution summaries to facilitate filing of tax returns.


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10/11/2019 · Read about the different ways to calculate relevant income and MPF contribution as a self-employed person and what you should do if your business suffers from a loss. MPF Funds and Features Find an overview of MPF fund types, features, investment

At monthly salary of $10,000, if you make contributions to a MPF scheme, your mandatory contribution would amount to $500 per month. In this situation, you may claim deduction in the amount of $6,000 ($500 x 12 months).

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9/11/2019 · Under the MPF Ordinance, his mandatory contribution to a MPF scheme should be $15,000 for year of assessment 2018/19. The allowable deduction under profits tax will be $15,000. Example 8: Proprietor’s spouse as employee A proprietor made mandatory


Due to recent outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus, please take note of special arrangement announced by the Hongkong Post, banks or other relevant bodies and make timely MPF contributions and other administration processes. To avoid unnecessary delay, adopt e

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make contribution to RORS. Similar to MPF Schemes, when an employee receives benefits upon termination of service and the period of employment is less than 10 years,“ the amount inexcess of the proportionate benefit as represents

As an employer, your MPF contribution should begin starting from the first day your employees are employed. For employees, however, “contribution holiday” applies so that employees are not required to make contributions for the first 30 days of employment.

You may contact Sun Life Pension Services Hotline 3183 1888 during Monday to Friday 9am – 6pm, Saturday 9am – 1pm for assistance.

The deadline for MPF scheme enrolment and the first contribution due date will be postponed to the immediate following working day if the date falls on a The figures displayed and

Answers frequently asked questions related to Hang Seng MPF for employers. If the permitted period end date or the 10th day after the last day of the month which the permitted period ends is a Saturday, a public holiday, a gale warning day or a black rainstorm

You can enter the relevant data in the Retirement Planning Calculator to calculate the MPF benefits and other savings you will have at the age of 65 and assess if the amount meets your anticipated retirement needs. This “Decision Tree” can help you determine whether you should make additional MPF contributions or other investments/savings according to your retirement needs, MPF and other

MPF members could build up a rewarding retirement through participation in Hang Seng MPF Flexi-Contributions. Flexible management To provide you with total flexibility, you can change your Flexi-Contributions anytime or even withdraw your accumulated amount

MPF Boss Tactic: Tactic 1 “Check Every Detail”. Tactic 2 “Refuse to Follow a Fad”. Tactic 3 “Think Carefully Before Taking Action”. Comparison of transfer rules Your MPF contribution account in the MPF scheme under current employment (Original Scheme

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For newly joined employer, your initial password will be mailed to you within two weeks after we acknowledge receipt of your enrolment. If you have forgotten the password, please call our Employer Hotline (852) 2100 1888. Note: Password is case-sensitive. To

The Mandatory Provident Fund (Chinese: 強制性公積金), often abbreviated as MPF (強積金), is a compulsory saving scheme (pension fund) for the retirement of residents in Hong Kong.Most employees and their employers are required to contribute monthly to

Friendly Reminder To ensure you stay informed, please let us know as early as possible if any of the information that you previously provided has been changed (including but not limited to residential address, correspondence address, email address, contact

Maximum MPF contributions may rise to HK$2,400 The Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority (MPFA) suggested raising the maximum monthly mandatory contributions for the Mandatory Provident Fund (MPF) from HK$1,500 to HK$2,400.

FWD Hong Kong offers MPF and ORSO schemes that best meet your retirement planning goals, helping you secure your retirement fund. What is ORSO? ORSO stands for “Occupational Retirement Schemes Ordinance”. ORSO was enacted in December 1992

19/11/2019 · 引用: 原帖由 success 於 2009-2-8 11:15 發表 唔該哂呀, 有b/s 同p&l 出數, 好清楚. 另外, mpf 的account 係咪人名acount( 強積金受託人) 還是費用account, 如果係費用account, 使唔使令外在開一個強積金受託人account.

With Principal, you can choose from a series of schemes to best fit your needs. MPF Schemes ORSO Schemes Mutual Funds Overview of Mutual Funds Principal Fund Series Capital Investment Entrant Scheme Past Performance for the Last 10 Calendar Years

Other than mandatory contributions and voluntary contributions, the following persons are eligible to open TVC account in an MPF scheme and make TVC: (a) Holders of contribution accounts or personal accounts of MPF schemes ; or (b) Members of MPF Exempted ORSO Schemes.

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別填寫一份第MPF(S)-P(P)號表格。 * If you wish to transfer different parts of benefits from your contribution account to different MPF accounts, please fill in a separate Form MPF(S)-P(P) for each MPF account that receives the benefits. 第第第第IV 部部

Investment involves risks and past performance is not indicative of future performance. Investment decision should not be solely based on the fund performance. Other factors (e.g. fund’s investment objective, fees and charges, fund risk level, service level) should

3. Completion of tax return – MPF Trustee to send out contribution summary to facilitate the filling of tax return 4. You, as an individual tax payer (not the MPF Trustee, Sponsor and/or other operators of the Scheme) are responsible for the application of tax

就新加入僱主而言,閣下的首次登入密碼將於我們確定收妥閣下的申請後兩星期內寄予閣下。 如果閣下忘記密碼,請致電僱主熱線(852) 2100 1888。 備註: 密碼有大小寫之分。 為保護貴公司的資料及私隱,我們建議閣下定期更改密碼,並使用難以猜測的密碼組合。

MPF Arrangements for Government Employees Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority (the Authority) is the statutory body established to regulate and monitor the operation of the MPF system. If you want to know more about the MPF system, including).

何謂「MPF 半自由行」? 正式名字:僱員自選安排 2012年11月1日實施 僱員可選擇轉移至一個自選的受託人及計劃 僱主供款部分不能轉移 只能轉移帳戶

Tax Deductible Voluntary Contributions (TVC) is a new category of voluntary contributions under MPF scheme, you may be able to save up to HK$10,200 in tax each year! Take advantage of this tax incentive to save more for your retirement today.

If you are a brand new MPF eChannel member, your MPF eChannel account will be automatically revoked once your account has been idled for 36 months from your last login date. Your HKID card / Passport copy and eSignature will not be solely saved.

A Defined Contribution Scheme is a scheme where the contribution rates are defined and the amount of benefits accrued is based on the accumulated contributions with investment income. Members usually do not get the full benefits funded by their employers unless they meet certain criteria, such as age, years of service or a combination of the two.

Hong Kong MPF Contribution Calculator for Calendar Month Whether you’re an employer or employee, calculate your mandatory MPF contributions including First MPF Contribution and Contribution Holidays. Specially for companies under the Master Trust scheme

In Hong Kong, Principal is a provider of investment and retirement solutions. We combine our capabilities in global investment management, retirement leadership and asset allocation expertise to provide retirement and asset management services as well as award

Username and password are case-sensitive. If this is your first time login, please login with the first 9 digits of your Member Account Number.After login, you may define your preferred Username at “Personal Profile”. To safeguard your data and privacy, we advise

Make your MPF work for you The Mandatory Provident Fund (MPF) forms an essential part of your retirement planning and it is vital that you take an active interest in how your account is managed. Our scheme, Fidelity Retirement Master Trust, provides a range of

* Figures may not sum up to the total due to rounding. (2) As reported by trustees. Note that the figures include assets transferred from the ORSO schemes. (3) Include Money Market Funds that are not MPF Conservative Funds and Uncategorized Funds as per the

Number of Approved Constituent Funds: 462

MPF contribution date set on December 1, 2000 The Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority (MPFA) has decided to set December 1, 2000 as the target date for commencing MPF contributions. The Executive Council was informed of the MPF

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the Contractor claims that the MPF trustees do not provide such contribution summaries, the Contractor shall be requested to provide other documentary proof showing that the actual amount shown in the other documentary evidence listed in para. 5.5.3(a) to (d

強 積 金 答 問 上 期 通 訊 刊 出 強 制 公 積 金 文 章 後 , 收 到 很 多 讀 者 查 詢 , 我 們 獲 得 國 衛 信 託 負 責 強 積 金 的 專 家 協 助 , 自 今 期 開 始 , 特 開 闢 強 積 金 問 答 專 欄 , 歡 迎 讀 者 把 問 題 傳 真 往 2169 9038, 或 電 郵 [email protected], 我 們 將 請 有 關 專 家 解 答 。

公積金計劃可分為界定利益 ( Defined Benefit )計劃及界定供款 (Defined Contribution ) 計劃,界定利益計劃是由僱主營辦,當僱員退休或離職時,僱主會因應僱員年資及薪金,利用預設公式計算僱員可領取的退休金金額。至於界定供款計劃則有點像強積金計劃,由

BOCHK provides MPF service,click to read more. Investment involves risks. The portfolio of the relevant MPF scheme will be subject to risks inherent in all investments. Price of units of the constituent funds may go down as well as up.

The MPF Conservative Fund of the Master Trust does not guarantee the repayment of capital. Fees and charges of an MPF Conservative Fund can be deducted from either (i) the assets of the fund or (ii) member’s account by way of unit deduction.

The employer sends the MPF contribution, including both the employer’s and employee’s mandatory contributions, to the trustee, and gives you monthly pay-records containing the contribution information in accordance with the legislative requirements. (Note: if you